Adults and Braces

Adults and Braces

Although many people associate braces with teenagers, a growing number of orthodontic patients are actually adults. The truth of the matter is that it is never too late to start orthodontic treatment. In fact, there has even been an increase in senior citizens who are undergoing treatment with braces. There are a variety of reasons why many adults decide to wear braces.

One of the most common reasons that adults wear braces is to further their careers. When meeting with people at business conferences or when speaking in public, having crooked teeth can be a big disadvantage. You do not want people focusing on the quality of your teeth when you really want them focusing on the quality of your sales pitch.

Another reason adults choose to undergo orthodontic treatment is to maintain better oral hygiene. Food particles tend to get stuck in between teeth that are crowded or crooked. Teeth that are harder to clean lead to an increased risk of decay. When decay takes hold, gum disease is not too far behind. Given that gum disease has been linked to serious systemic disorders such as diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes, many adults want to be preemptive in their overall healthcare.

Adults also have more choices with braces than they used to have. It used to be that traditional metal braces were pretty much the only available orthodontic treatment. Today, adults can opt for clear ceramic braces that are designed to match the color of their teeth. Another option is lingual braces, in which the brackets and wires are placed behind the teeth. There is even a product called Invisalign which uses aligners that are not only removable, but also effectively invisible while they are being worn.

If you are interested in pursuing orthodontic treatment, contact our braces dentist in Northridge to set up a consultation.

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