Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting Invisalign

Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting Invisalign

You’d be hard pressed to find an orthodontic patient who would prefer metal braces over a more modern, discrete appliance. Invisalign, being one of these more modern options, is a popular choice among those who require straighter teeth. But as Invisalign treatment is much different than other treatments in nature, it comes with a different set of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Invisalign

The removability and the near invisibility of Invisalign aligners are commonly considered the most attractive factors of the treatment. The fact that the trays are clear means that many will not notice patients are even in the middle of an orthodontic process. The ability to remove them means that patients can enjoy the foods that are prohibited during traditional treatments, and also allows patients to clean their teeth and trays easier.

Invisalign also shows signs of maintaining significant control of tissue inflammation, and better allows the elimination plaque. For those who are suffering from severe cases of periodontitis, Invisalign produces more optimal periodontal health and tooth position to allow for later treatments, or may even eradicate the need for such treatments.


Success from treatment relies less on our Invisalign dentist in Northridge, and more on the patient. Due to the fact that the aligners are removable, patients are responsible for wearing them for the appropriate amount of time per day. Invisalign is not effective on teeth that require movement from the roots, such as in extraction cases wherein space closing is needed.
It is also important to note that treatment can take up to two months to begin, as trays must be made in a lab, and treatment will be halted if a tray requires modifying.

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