Advantages of Composite Fillings

Advantages of Composite FillingsWhen one of your teeth suffers from decay, our Northridge dentist will need to treat it to prevent it from worsening and creating additional oral health problems that can produce pain and infection. Historically, once the decay, or cavity, is removed, dentists have filled the remaining space with amalgam fillings to restore and strengthen the tooth.

Today, our dentist, like many others, is turning to other filling materials, including composite fillings. Composed of quartz resin, these fillings react with light, setting in less than a minute for a long-lasting chemical bond to the tooth itself. Because they bond directly to the tooth, the tooth remains strong and is less likely to break after restoration.

Composite fillings have many benefits over traditional amalgam fillings. They are similar in color to the tooth and quite natural looking, making them an ideal choice for front or other visible teeth. Teeth are less likely to be sensitive after restoration, because less of the tooth has to be removed in order for the filling to be placed. For some people, however, the most salient point is that composite fillings are mercury-free, unlike amalgam fillings. Mercury fillings can be concerning for some patients, especially those who are pregnant or who have other health concerns.

Tooth decay is often highly preventable, particularly when we brush twice every day and floss at least once a day. Regular six month checkups with our Northridge cosmetic dentist provide thorough cleanings and can catch early signs of decay. If you do have a cavity, our dentist can help you decide which filling is right for you.

Source: Cosmetic Dentist Northridge

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