All About Dental Implants

All About Dental Implants

In every aspect of tooth replacement, dental implants offer excellence. Implants are better for not only oral health, but also your appearance, comfort, and function. As you learn more about implants, you will understand why this is the preferred way to replace teeth.


Overview of Implants

At their core, implants are screws that are placed into holes in the jaw bones, which heal around the implants permanently. Crowns can be mounted on top of the implants for a stationary solution to tooth loss, but patients can also have their implants topped with mounts for removable dentures.


Implant Effectiveness

Implants are completely stable, unlike removable dentures, and can last for life with good oral hygiene. These tooth replacements feel like real teeth, and look natural thanks to the absence of external hardware. Cleaning is also easier with implants than with dentures or bridges.


Placement of Implants

Surgery is necessary to place this restoration, because incisions must be made in the gums. After months of healing, the chosen artificial teeth can be put on the implants. In some cases, patients are found to have insufficient jaw bone mass and are advised to do a bone grafting before the implant placement process starts.


Most adults are eligible for implants. While implants may be more expensive than other forms of tooth replacement, they can last far longer and are more like real teeth. At a consultation with our dentist, you can learn more about implants and find out about candidacy details.


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