Allergies at the Dentist's Office

Allergies at the Dentist's Office Food and other types of allergies often necessitate extra precaution in any unfamiliar situation. Even seemingly harmless places such as restaurants or parks can host numerous allergens. Unfortunately for many, even the dental office may require special care. If you have allergies, talk to our Northridge dentist about your needs. An up-to-date medical history with details about your current allergies and past reactions can help us take the necessary steps to keep you safe and healthy.

•    Acrylic - Acrylic may be used in the manufacture of temporary crowns, dental veneers and implants.

•    Epinephrine - Epinephrine may be used in dental anesthetics, but it can trigger anxiety and an increased heart rate in patients with sensitivities.

•    Eugenol - A common ingredient in dental cements, eugenol can trigger inflammation and tissue damage in those who are allergic.

•    Gluten - Gluten is a common ingredient used in dental cleaning agents. Let us know if you have a gluten sensitivity or allergen so that we can use gluten-free cleaners.

•    Latex - Latex-free gloves and polishing angles are available to meet the needs of those with allergies.

•    Metal - Some types of dental crowns and fillings are made from metal, which can trigger irritation in those who are sensitive or allergic.

If you have no known allergies or sensitivities but you suffer an adverse reaction after a dental appointment, let us know. We may need to make adjustments to your treatment or explore your other options more fully. Give us a call today to learn more about how to protect your dental and overall health or to schedule your next appointment.

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