Antiaging Dentistry

Antiaging Dentistry

Anti-aging dentistry can give your smile a new lease on life. Around the age of 30 and beyond, many people begin noticing small lines around their eyes and thinning skin with dark spots or uneven coloring. These common skin issues can age your appearance, but your smile can also make you look older than you are. Teeth that are damaged, discolored, decayed or are lost add years to your smile, as well as you general appearance. Luckily, our Northridge antiaging dentistry expert can help.

Our expert in antiaging dentistry in Northridge offers comprehensive solutions that can restore and cosmetically enhance your smile, including:

• Teeth whitening
• Tooth-colored fillings and dental bonding
• Porcelain crowns, inlays and onlays
• Dental veneers
• Orthodontic treatment
• Dental implants, bridges or dentures
• Periodontal treatments

Several things can contribute to the aged appearance of your smile, including heredity health problems, lifestyle factors and time itself. Smoking, heavy consumption of staining substances, medications that cause dry mouth, a poor diet and poor dental hygiene can all speed the smile aging process. Additionally, dental trauma can add years to your look. Our Northridge antiaging dentistry expert can eliminate those aging factors and leave you looking years younger with the help of these solutions.

Antiaging Dentistry Northridge

However, the problems can extend beyond the teeth themselves. In fact, if you have lost teeth, your face may begin to look sunken or collapsed from jawbone deterioration. This can increase the appearance of aging and lead to deep wrinkles or expression lines. Your jaw may look thinner or begin to droop, and your face can develop a disproportionate look.

Our expert in antiaging dentistry in Northridge uses a variety of techniques and treatments to improve the way your smile looks, feels and works. Not only do we focus on making your smile look better, but we also work to make your smile healthier and more functional. With the right treatments, we can halt periodontal disease, restore lost tissue, replace missing teeth, correct bite problems, restore teeth and brighten your whole smile.

Your smile does not have to bring you down. Antiaging dentistry can give you a beautiful, more youthful look often with just a few treatments. Call us to schedule your consultation with our dentist in Northridge.

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