Avoid these Foods for a Whiter Smile

Avoid these Foods for a Whiter SmileMaintaining good dental hygiene can be one of the best ways to keep your smile bright and white. However, some of the foods you commonly enjoy may be leaving harder-to-clean stains on your teeth. Our Northridge cosmetic dentist explains.

•    Wine
Both red and white wines are prone to staining teeth. Wine contains high levels of acid, tannins and chromogens, or stain-depositing compounds.

•    Berries and Juices
Fruits with bright or deep colors are more likely to stain your teeth. Cherries, grapes, pomegranates, cranberries, blueberries and blackberries are all prime offenders. Acidic fruits such as citrus can also promote staining.

•    Tea
Tea is full of tannins and can be more staining to your teeth than coffee.

•    Coffee
Coffee is high in acidity and dark in color, which means that it is more likely than many other beverages to stain your teeth.

•    Artificial Dyes
Candies, energy drinks, soft drinks and similar substances are all likely to stain your teeth. Additionally, these treats tend to be high in sugar and acid, which feed the bacteria that contribute to bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay.

You do not have to avoid all stain-causing foods and beverages. However, when you do indulge, avoid brushing immediately after and rinse your mouth thoroughly with water to avoid damaging your enamel or driving stains deeper. Use a straw with tea and other cold drinks, and use teeth-whitening treatments as needed.

Contact our expert in teeth whitening in Northridge today to learn more or to schedule your next teeth whitening treatment.

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