Bad Effects of Wearing Braces too Long

Bad Effects of Wearing Braces too LongOrthodontic treatment can play an important role in preventing dental health problems and creating a beautiful, even smile. However, our Northridge cosmetic dentist warns that wearing braces too long can lead to dental health problems.

Reputable dentists understand the risks associated with wearing dental braces too long and will ensure that their patients’ dental health is always protected. When teens are desperate for a perfect smile and turn to less-than-reputable treatment options to get the straight smile of their dreams, they can be running real risks.

Poor hygiene from improperly trained practitioners can increase the risk of blood poisoning, and patients who have not been provided with proper care instructions may be more likely to suffer complications that include severe periodontal disease, tooth decay or permanent discolorations. Improperly applied braces or poor quality materials may be more prone to breakage or damage, which can become a choking hazard or increase the risk of permanent nerve damage.

Teens and young adults who crave a straight, even smile have options. Traditional metal braces can straighten your smile, and our orthodontist can ensure that you enjoy the most risk-free procedure possible. We also offer Invisalign, a system that uses clear aligners to straighten your teeth without any of the risks or irritations associated with traditional orthodontics.

Insurance and various financing options can help you better access the care you need to achieve a healthier, more attractive smile. Contact our Northridge Invisalign provider today to learn more or to schedule your consultation.

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