Benefits of Vitamin D for the Teeth

Benefits of Vitamin D for the TeethThe benefits of vitamin D are numerous. Found in fortified products and made by your own body when exposed to the sun, this vitamin can improve your brain health, strengthen your immune system, boost your mood and build your bones. A new review revealed that vitamin D may also be critical to your dental health.

Studies that focused on nearly 3,000 children from six different countries revealed that adequate vitamin D levels were associated with a reduced risk of tooth decay. According to University of Washington professor of oral health sciences Dr. Philippe Hujoel, vitamin D is critical for the calcification of teeth. This can make teeth stronger and more resistant to decay. Additionally, the immunity-boosting benefits of vitamin D may help the body combat tooth decay more easily.

Although the studies that were reviewed focused solely on children, these results are likely to translate to adults as well. Eating more vitamin D-rich foods can help keep your smile and your entire body healthier. Look for fortified milk, juices and eggs as well as fish and mushrooms. Spend time outside without sunscreen for a short period of time each day whenever possible. Avoid soft drinks with high levels of phosphates, which can suppress vitamin D levels and leach minerals from teeth and bones.

Good nutrition goes hand-in-hand with good dental hygiene. Brush your teeth two times a day, floss daily and get professional cleanings at least twice a day. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our Northridge dentist.

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