Best Flossing Techniques

Best Flossing TechniquesSimply carrying out daily oral hygiene habits in one’s own home will never be enough for a perfectly healthy smile.  Those that would like the absolute best oral health will need to understand that some of the finer tips for dental hygiene so that they can remove plaque, avoid serious oral health complications, and feel confident about their vibrant smile.  Here is a look at the proper technique for flossing as well as a look at the importance of including regular trips to our Northridge dental cleaning specialist as part of your oral health habits to ensure that your teeth stay healthy.

Flossing is the preferred technique to remove particles of food from in between the teeth.  This should be done with 18 inches of either nylon or PTFE floss that is held between one’s thumb and their index finger.  The floss is placed in between the teeth and then pulled along either side.  This should be carried out immediately after brushing.

Many patients tend to avoid this habit due to any discomfort or bleeding that it may cause.  Small amounts of bleeding may occur and is completely normal, but patients that experience bleeding for more than a few days should contact our Northridge dentist as quickly as possible.  This condition is typically caused by ‘splicing’ the gums while flossing, but prolonged bleeding could be an indicator of gum disease.  Using waxed floss is another option for those that are having difficulty flossing as it makes it much easier to slide between teeth that are closer together.

If you have not scheduled a dental exam within the last six months, give our friendly practice a call today so that you too can feel confident about your smile.

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