Better Teeth for Looking Younger

Better Teeth for Looking YoungerIs your smile betraying your age? Does it make you look years older than you really are? While having a receding gum line, stains, chips, worn enamel or other cosmetic problems may seem minor, they can really change the look of your smile and you. Getting the right treatments can help take years off your smile and give you a younger, more rejuvenated look.

1. Periodontal disease
Four out of five people have some degree of gum disease. As gum disease is the biggest reason adults lose teeth, the subsequent inflammation and infection can also cause the gum line to recede and bone loss to begin. This can change the overall shape of your face and increase the number of deep lines or facial folds.

2. Stains
You may notice stains appearing after drinking coffee, red wine, tea or other similar drinks. Your teeth may look dark or yellow, causing you to feel embarrassed. Routine brushing and flossing is one of the best ways to protect your smile’s health, but may not be enough to keep stains under control. Professional teeth whitening treatment can whiten your teeth and bleach stains.

3. Other damage
Most cosmetic flaws can be corrected with dental bonding, porcelain veneers or other fairly conservative treatments. However, if your smile has sustained serious damage or needs other restorations, you may be a candidate for a smile makeover or a full mouth reconstruction.

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