Bone Grafting & Ridge Augmentation & Sinus Augmentation

Bone Grafting & Ridge Augmentation & Sinus AugmentationBone loss can be caused by a number of reasons, periodontal disease being the main cause. To replace lost bone tissue, bone grafting will often be done. This method will also help new bone to form. Bone grafting can be accomplished in one of three ways. In an autogenous bone graft, bone will be removed from another place on the body and then transferred to the mouth. An Allograft is bone that is created in a laboratory. And a Xenograft is replacing the lost bone with bovine bone. There are various reasons for a bone graft. When dental implants are being placed in the mouth, there must be sufficient bone for the implant to be properly anchored. A bone graft can replace bone that is missing and provide a strong anchor for an implant. A sinus lift also requires the placement of bone to act as a strong base in which to place an implant. Ridge augmentation can use a bone graft to fill in the defects that have occurred in the bone. And if nerve repositioning needs to be done, a bone graft will also help to accomplish this.

When there are deformities in the upper or lower jaw, ridge augmentation will be done. The defect in the bone will be exposed by lifting the ridge away from the gum. A bone graft can repair the damaged bone. After the incision is closed, it will take several months for complete healing to occur. A dental implant can be placed at the time of the ridge modification or after the healing has taken place.

For a dental implant to be successful there must be enough bone for the implant to be properly anchored. With bone loss, this can present a problem. Sinus augmentation is an option to take care of bone loss. With sinus augmentation, the sinus floor is raised to enable new bone to form. This is accomplished by making a tiny incision, cutting an opening into the bone, and raising up the membrane lining the sinus. In the space that is left, bone graft material will be placed, and then the incision will be closed. Any dental implants will be placed after healing has occurred.

Bone grafting is a procedure necessary in many other dental treatments, such as dental implants. Your dentist can explain more about bone grafting and its advantages.

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