Causes of Yellowed Teeth

Causes of Yellowed TeethEven our patients that diligently brush and floss every single day and take biannual trips to our Northridge cosmetic dentist may still find that their teeth are not as bright and lustrous as they would like them to be.  Discoloration and staining can come about as the result of any number of factors, and that is why we believe it is important for everyone to understand some of the leading causes of discoloration and the steps that we can take to restore a smile once again.

Genetics often play a large role in the color of one’s teeth.  Those with naturally thin enamel layers may notice that their teeth are yellow due to the exposure of the dentin layer of their teeth.  Aging is another common catalyst as the foods that are consumed every single day may lead to a smile that grows darker over time.  Additional causes include bad oral hygiene habits and the use of tobacco products.

No matter the reason though, our teeth whitening treatments can often restore a smile in as little as an hour.  This includes the Zoom whitening system, one of the most effective whitening treatments in the world with a patented gel and specialty lamp that will allow us to lift even the deepest of stains.

If you are currently struggling with a smile that is not as bright as you would like it to be, give our dental practice a call today.  We are ready to assist you with the treatments that are going to restore the natural beauty of your teeth.

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