Coffee and Its Benefits for Your Teeth

Coffee and Its Benefits for Your TeethFor decades, people believed that avoiding coffee is good for their oral health. Coffee has long been believed to be hard on tooth enamel and cause deep stains on the teeth that are difficult to remove. While coffee can stain your teeth if you do not take care to brush after drinking it, the oral health benefits of coffee may actually outweigh the minor drawbacks for many people.

Recent studies indicate trigonelline, a substance found in coffee, may actually help to prevent the harmful bacteria called S. mutans from adhering to your teeth. This type of bacteria is the leading cause of tooth decay. As a result, coffee may actually prevent cavities by preventing it from sticking long enough to have an effect.

If you are worried about stains, drinking your coffee from a straw may help prevent the coffee from coming into contact with the teeth. However, regular brushing and flossing will prevent moist stains. Still, if stains do accumulate over the years, there is help. An over the counter whitening treatment, or a whitening treatment at the office of our cosmetic dentist in Northridge can remove the stains caused by coffee, tea, smoking, or even from the natural effects of aging.

Visit our Northridge teeth whitening specialist to learn about your options for teeth whitening. He will be glad to examine your teeth and recommend a treatment that can help to remove years of stains in just one office visit. Contact Northridge Dental Group to schedule your consultation.

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