Common Reasons for Avoiding Dental Checkups

Common Reasons for Avoiding Dental CheckupsIt can be easy to forget about an appointment with our Northridge dental checkup specialist and just simply miss them, other times individuals will simply neglect seeing a regularly schedule appointment due to financial reasons.  While it may be all too easy to forgo these checkups, this could be a costly and life-altering mistake in the end.  For many individuals, this choice comes down to the state of the economy and the overall cost of dental care.  That is why our experienced and friendly team of dental specialists believes that all patients should understand just how much this neglect could cost them in the long run.

Most experts agree that all patients should receive one comprehensive dental exam at least once every six months.  While this may seem like overwhelmingly frequent trips, those that head into these checkups will be treated to a number of preventative services including professional teeth cleaning, x-rays, and a visual inspection of the mouth.

Patients that forgo these trips will be at a much higher risk of developing and not being diagnosed with some of the most prevalent oral health conditions today including periodontal disease and tooth decay.  When these health issues take place for an extending period of time, the patient could be facing restorative and cosmetic treatments that could cost thousands of dollars per tooth.

If you would like a dental practice that can help you build great oral health as quickly and affordably as possible, contact our dentist in Northridge, CA today to schedule a comprehensive dental exam and preserve the state of your smile.

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