Connection between Dental Hygiene and Your Overall Health

Connection between Dental Hygiene and Your Overall HealthWhen most patients take a trip to the dentist, they are there for some of the treatments and services that will produce a bright, healthy, and straight smile. What some patients may not know is that great oral hygiene is an integral component of one’s overall wellbeing as well, and those that do not engage in great oral hygiene habits will be at a much higher risk for a number of serious health complications throughout the rest of their body. This is why individuals of all ages should understand the important of daily brushing and flossing as well as biannual trips to our Northridge dentist.

One of the biggest concerns for those with second-rate oral health comes down to their heart and their blood sugar. Those that are predisposed to diabetes or heart conditions, such as heart attacks and strokes, could have these problems exacerbated by periodontal disease and tooth decay. The mouth is home to large amounts of bacteria, and when this bacteria enters the bloodstream, studies have begun to show a very close link to heart failure and a reduction in the body’s ability to control blood sugar.

In addition to heart disease and diabetes, those with poor oral health will also be at an increased risk for dementia, respiratory infections, and premature births with expecting mothers. In order to avoid these health complications, all patients should schedule a thorough dental exam at least once every six months. During these appointments, patients will have access to the dental treatments that will greatly reduce their chances of being diagnosed with these serious ailments.

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