Consequences of Using Cheap Whitening Treatments

Teeth whiteningTeeth whitening treatments are readily available over the counter, but they can have some serious long-term side effects. While the concentration of active ingredients is lower, the risks can actually be higher with OTC whiteners. That is because they are used without the customization and protection offered by a dental professional. These risks can include:

  1.  Increased sensitivity, which can occur as a result of over-bleaching
    You are at risk of developing post-whitening sensitivity if you have a receding gum line, worn enamel or faulty restorations. We can examine your smile and make personalized bleaching recommendations that minimize the risk of sensitivity.
  2.  Gum irritation, which occurs in response to excess exposure to the whitening solution
    Because OTC bleaching trays are not designed to fit the contours of your mouth, your gums may be exposed to too much of the bleaching solution. Our office offers both fully customized bleaching trays for at-home use and in-office whitening, in which the bleaching solution is painted directly on teeth only after the gums have been completely protected.
  3.  Irregular results, which occur due to the presence of dental restorations
    Dental fillings, bondings, crowns, veneers and bridges do not respond to bleaching and will remain the same color while the natural teeth around these restorations lighten. This can lead to a mottled effect that is less than attractive. You may still be able to get a whiter smile even if you have visible restorations, but professional assistance is necessary.

Contact our office today to learn more about available teeth bleaching treatments or to schedule your appointment with our cosmetic dentist.

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