Cosmetic Dentist Northridge CA

Cosmetic Dentist Northridge CACosmetic dentistry has revolutionized treatment options for patients that require restorative and corrective dental procedures from our cosmetic dentist in Northridge CA to repair damaged or irregular teeth. Perfectly white and straight smiles are advertised by celebrities on the covers of magazines and in television and motion pictures. This popularity has made the general public more self-conscious about the condition and appearance of their smile. Not everyone can be born with a perfect smile, but cosmetic dentistry procedures from our Northridge dentist can create smile makeovers.

Many people have a genuine fear of dental treatments and avoid routine checkups. When regular dental care is not performed by our cosmetic dentist in Northridge CA, healthy teeth can begin to deteriorate. Teeth can be weakened due to enamel erosion that is caused by not removing excess bacteria from teeth. This can cause the weakened area of the teeth to become cracked or more susceptible to cavity growth or tooth decay. Heavy smoking or the frequent ingestion of sugary foods and drinks can escalate tooth staining and teeth yellowing. Our Dentist in Northridge restores these teeth imperfections with cosmetic procedures.
Tired of imperfections with your teeth? Do you want a more beautiful smile? Contact our cosmetic dentist in Northridge CA and see the change you want in your smile.

Cosmetic Dentist in Northridge CA

Cosmetic procedures exist to restore spacing between teeth or unusual gaps much easier than in previous decades. Dental Veneers are thin sections of porcelain that are bonded to the existing tooth exterior covering the existing damage creating a new smile. This painless procedure performed by our cosmetic dentist in Northridge CA provides a permanent restoration for damaged teeth. Dental implants can restore single or multiple missing teeth without the need for outdated dentures. Dental implants are permanently installed with a titanium post into the jawbone and a dental crown is attached by our Northridge cosmetic dentist to provide a new permanent tooth.

Patients that have seemingly normal teeth may experience tooth staining and yellowing from improper oral care, disease, or medications. Teeth whitening by our cosmetic dentist in Northridge CA can restore teeth to a natural white color giving patients a new lease on a whitened smile. Cosmetic dentistry procedures have forever changed the way that dental treatments are completed and how patients display their smiles.

With the treatments from our cosmetic dentist in Northridge CA you can have the stunning smile the move starts have. Contact us for an appointment as soon as you can.

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