Crown Lengthening

Crown LengtheningCrown lengthening is a dental procedure that is required for a tooth needing a crown or some other type of dental restoration. The edge of the dental restoration may be close to the bone or below the bone, and if the edge is too deep below the tissue of the gum, it will not be accessible when brushing the teeth. This is a way for tooth decay and gum disease to begin, as the edge of the restoration will never be reached when the teeth are being cleaned. Plaque will be able to form as it cannot be removed, and problems will then develop with the tooth and/or the gum. Crown lengthening is an important procedure as it helps the patient maintain healthy teeth and gums.

A crown lengthening procedure involves adjustments to the gum tissue and bone around the tooth so that the proper levels exist between the tooth and gum. In this way, the dentist will be able to access the edge of the restoration, and it also provides better tooth structure. This will ensure that the restoration will stay in place and not come loose. It also ensures that when the patient brushes, the edge of the dental restoration will be accessible for cleaning. With proper cleaning of the restoration edge, plaque will not have the opportunity to form and increase the chances of tooth decay and diseased gums. The procedure of crown lengthening will take approximately one hour.

With crown lengthening procedures used as needed, it will be much easier for the patient to practice good oral hygiene and keep the gums and teeth in a healthy condition. It is also important to keep up with regular dental examinations and cleanings.

Having dental restorations, such as crowns, does not mean that your teeth and gum are immune to disease. Brushing, flossing and regular dental checkups are still necessary to ensure that your teeth are in good health.

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