Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a fast, affordable cosmetic procedure that can give your smile a big boost. Our Northridge dental bonding expert may recommend dental bonding for small cavities, chipped or fractured teeth, worn enamel, stains that do not respond to whitening, exposed roots or other common problems. This procedure can often be performed without anesthesia, and it takes just one appointment to complete.

Although most small cosmetic changes can be performed without anesthesia, you may need a local anesthetic if your tooth has a cavity. This is to ensure that we can remove the decayed tissue without irritating the tooth. To prepare the tooth, we roughen the enamel slightly and apply a special solution that conditions or primes the tooth. This ensures a strong bond between the bonding material and the tooth. Our expert in dental bonding in Northridge then chooses the correct color of the material for your tooth. The composite resin of the bonding material is putty-like in texture. As we apply it to the tooth, we carefully shape it to match your tooth’s natural contours. Each thin layer is applied and cured with a special light until we have achieved the desired effect. To complete the process, we polish the resin so that it has the same shine as the rest of the tooth.

Dental Bonding Northridge

Our Northridge dental bonding expert will explain any special aftercare instructions. However, most patients need no special care. The bonding will be hard and ready to use as soon as you leave our office. You may need to skip drinking soda, artificial dyes and anything that might stain the tooth for a day or two, as bonding cannot be bleached or whitened. Brush and floss each of your teeth carefully along with the bonded tooth. Do not use a bonded tooth or any other teeth to open, tear or cut packages, bottles or other items. If you grind your teeth, wear a night guard to protect them.

The biggest benefit of bonding is the beautiful smile you will have. Other benefits that our patients enjoy include an affordable cosmetic procedure that offers a big improvement for a small investment, a versatile treatment that can close gaps and brighten the teeth, and a convenient procedure that can be completed in a single appointment. Our expert in dental bonding in Northridge can help you decide if cosmetic bonding is right for your smile.

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