Dental Cavities: Myths and Facts

Dental Cavities Myths and Facts

There are a variety of misconceptions about dental cavities that our root canal dentist in Northridge regularly advises patients about. Here is a look at just some of the truths and not-truths about cavities and the decay that causes them.


• Sugar causes cavities
While this is true, the actual culprit comes from bacteria eating the sugar and producing an acid. That acid causes the decay.

• Acidic drinks destroy teeth
This is true whether the drink is a fruit juice, soda, or energy drink, all of which carry the double punch of sugar, which, as noted above, just creates more acid. You can minimize this damage by drinking through a straw, though.

• Fillings stop decay
Fortunately, this is true. A filling that is properly placed is done after all of the decay has been removed. It then seals the space off, preventing more decay and allowing more easy access for properly cleaning.


• Kids get more cavities
With the advent of fluoridated tap water, kids actually get far less cavities than they used to. On the other hand, senior citizens often take medication that makes their teeth more susceptible to decay.

• Cavities are easy to spot
Unfortunately, cavities can be very hard to spot, and most people with them never know they have one until they suddenly have unbearable pain. All cavities start small and by the time they are felt in the nerve endings, they have likely already progressed to something much worse.

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