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Your dentist in Northridge needs to be a professional who is trained in all areas of dentistry and can competently handle your dental needs and those of your family members. With our dentists, you will receive the type of care that your teeth and gums require to stay healthy and strong. And your family members will also receive the same competent care in maintaining their teeth and gums.

Our Northridge dentist is an expert in implant dentistry and is an expert at handling patients with excessive fears and phobias. He also knows what to do for those patients with dental phobic problems. With our dentist in Northridge, you will receive expert attention and care, no matter what type of dental problem you may have or how nervous you may feel. And dental phobic problems will present no problem for our dentist to handle.

Our periodontal expert can successfully treat gum disease in all of its various stages. Periodontal problems, if left untreated, can create extensive problems in the mouth, even causing the loss of teeth and bone. With our dentist in Northridge, periodontal problems will be addressed and gums will be restored to a healthy condition and appearance. Even if periodontal disease has progressed to the point where oral surgery is required, our dentist can competently treat the condition and do what is necessary to restore health to the gums and teeth.

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Our Northridge cosmetic dentist knows all of the latest techniques in creating beautiful smiles for her patients. Whether you require a simple tooth whitening procedure or something more extensive, such as porcelain veneers or crowns, our dentist in Northridge will be able to treat your cosmetic imperfections and give you a stunning smile with bright teeth.

Children and adults alike are successfully treated by our dentist. Every type of dental issue can be handled with successful results. And your dentist in Northridge will also provide proper instruction to you and your family members as to the best way to brush, floss and care for your teeth and gums. You will practice good oral hygiene habits at home in between your routine dental checkups and cleanings. In this way, all members of your family will enjoy beautiful, healthy smiles that all of you can feel proud to have.

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