Dentures and Other Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

Dentures and Other Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

Missing teeth are common, and many people seek dentures or other tooth replacements to restore appearance and chewing ability. However, a recent study found that not all patients with missing teeth need tooth replacements. Below is more about these surprising findings.


Australian Study


Oral health researchers in Australia analyzed more than 2,700 Australians who had lost teeth. The researchers found that, despite the widespread belief that any number of lost teeth will interfere with functioning and quality of life, some people with missing teeth experienced few, if any, problems. The conclusions taken from this data were that while tooth replacements can help many patients, not every patient in this situation needs dentures, bridges or implants.


Number and Locations of Missing Teeth


Although lost teeth do not always cause problems, the likelihood of difficulty depends on how many teeth are lost and where the spaces are in the mouth. If too many teeth are gone, biting and chewing are affected, potentially leading to dietary problems and nutritional deficiencies. Furthermore, loss of teeth in the front of the mouth is likely to affect the smile, making many patients feel less confident in their appearance.


Different degrees of improvement can be gained from replacing teeth. Dentures and bridges do restore appearance and chewing function, but they do not replace tooth roots. In contrast, a dental implant does replace the tooth root, helping to protect against jaw bone deterioration, cosmetic issues and other problems. You can schedule a consultation with our dentist to find out whether you might benefit from implants or other tooth replacements.


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