Difference between Silver Fillings and White Fillings

Difference between Silver Fillings and White FillingsIndividuals who need dental fillings have a choice between silver and white fillings. During their visit with our Northridge dentist, they can discuss the restorative dentistry options in detail. Extreme dental problems may require root canal treatment.

The most obvious difference between silver fillings and white fillings is the appearance. White fillings, also known as composite fillings, will blend seamlessly with other teeth, while silver or amalgam fillings are quite noticeable. Someone who needs a tooth filled at the front of their mouth will, no doubt, want to go with the white filling. For teeth that are situated further back in the mouth, silver fillings may be adequate.

You may wonder why anyone would get silver fillings when white fillings are available. Well, the biggest reason is the cost. Silver or amalgam fillings are less expensive and covered by most insurance companies. In addition, they are stronger than the white variety. Lastly, the procedure to put silver fillings in place is faster than with the white kind. One disadvantage is that many patients have reported acute sensitivity to hot and cold foods and liquids.

On the other hand, white fillings are more expensive, so a lot of insurance companies will not cover the procedure. Also, it will take longer to fit them into the mouth. Another important thing to consider is that white fillings cannot be bleached. Therefore, our cosmetic dentist in Northridge would have to replace it with a new white filling.

Source: Dentist Northridge

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