Different Options for Dental Implants

Different Options for Dental Implants

While dental implants have been in use on some level for decades, they have truly come into their own in the last ten or so years. In fact, they have proven to be so good at what they do that they are now considered the gold standard in tooth restoration options. In addition to the fact that they are secure, they prevent facial cratering because they stimulate the jaw bone like natural teeth, and they last a lifetime, dental implants are widely accepted because of their versatility.
Here are ways our dental implants dentist in Northridge uses them.

Single Teeth Replacement

Dental implants are easily the best way to replace a lost individual tooth. This is because the alternative is a dental bridge, which requires the placement of crowns on adjacent teeth. These teeth then require significant removal of enamel to make way for them. A dental implant stands on its own, stimulating the jaw in the process.

Multiple or Group of Teeth Replacement

Dental implants are similarly valuable in the replacement of multiple teeth. This is because they can be implanted for each missing tooth individually, or they can be implanted on either side and a bridge installed, filling the gap between them. This type of bridge is exceptionally stable and will last a lifetime. But if for any reason a problem arises with the bridge, it is easily replaced, while the implant posts remain.

Full Mouth Tooth Replacement

Dental bridges also make the most effective way to replace all of the teeth on an entire dental arch. By installing just four implants in strategic locations around the mouth, a denture is able to be snapped into place. This type of denture is easily the most stable form and is additionally easiest to care for, since it does not need to be removed.

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