Different Types of Periodontal Treatments

Different Types of Periodontal TreatmentsThe American Academy of Periodontology, or AAP, recommends that non-surgical treatments are used whenever possible. These treatments are less invasive and less costly for the patient. Non-surgical treatments include using manual tools or lasers to perform root scaling or planing. This technique removes tartar from the roots of the teeth before other, more complex treatments are required.

Gum grafts are another common periodontal treatment. Gum grafts remove gum tissue from one area of your mouth and use it to patch areas where the gums are eroding due to gum disease or another problem. The gum graft can cover exposed roots, which helps to protect your mouth from tooth loss and tooth decay. In addition, replacing the missing gums can improve the appearance of your smile.

When bone or gum tissue is missing, a regenerative procedure can help restore the missing tissue. These procedures involve the placement of membranes, bone grafts, or tissue-stimulating bacteria to help the body regrow the gum tissue or bone. In some cases, our Northridge periodontist will also work to reduce the depth of the pockets under your teeth to prevent bacteria from accumulating.

Crown lengthening can restore balance to a gummy smile. By removing excess gum tissue and bone, the dentist can reveal more of your teeth, reducing the prominent appearance of the gum line.

Dental implants can restore missing teeth or serve as anchors for bridges. These implants are bio-compatible metal rods that are directly implanted into the jaw bone, where they become permanent features of the jaw bone. Crowns or bridges complete the implant, replacing the missing tooth.

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