Eating Tips with Braces

Eating Tips with Braces

While undergoing orthodontic treatment with braces, it is important to avoid eating certain foods. Failure to do so can damage your braces and place you at a higher risk for tooth decay.

Sticky foods like taffy and gummy bears can actually loosen your brackets and bend your wires out of shape. This can cause a delay in treatment and can even cause damage to the inside of your mouth. In fact, it is best to limit you entire intake of sweets. The bacteria in our mouth feed off of the sugar in foods that we eat. When they metabolize the sugar, the bacteria create a harmful acid byproduct that leads to tooth decay. Since food particles tend to get trapped more easily while you are wearing braces, it is best to not provide the bacteria in your mouth with more fuel by loading up on sugary foods. Many people do not realize that carbohydrates get broken down into sugar when they are processed by our body. This means that you will want to be careful about your carbohydrate intake as well.

It is also recommended to stay away from hard foods. These foods can include nuts, hard candy, chips, pretzels, and popcorn. Hard foods can break your braces, placing you in danger and lengthening your treatment time. That is why it is also a good idea to cut your food into smaller pieces, as it is a much safer way to consume your food. Also be sure to avoid biting on inanimate objects like pens, fingernails, ice.

If you would like some additional tips for eating with braces, contact our expert in braces in Northridge to schedule an appointment.

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