Effect of Chewing Tobacco on Your Dental Health

Effect of Chewing Tobacco on Your Dental HealthSmoking is a well-known health hazard. However, although some people may opt for chewing tobacco instead of smoking, it is not any safer. In fact, according to the American Dental Association, chewing tobacco contains nearly 30 different toxins that are known carcinogens. Our dentist in Northridge strongly urges his tobacco-using patients to consider their options and focus on quitting.

Smokeless tobacco not only has an increased risk of oral cancer but has also been linked to gum disease, tooth loss, sensitivity, delayed healing, reduced taste, reduced sense of smell, and bad breath. Those who chew tobacco may also have limited treatment options for any dental conditions they do develop due to delayed healing and an increased risk of developing complications. For example, tobacco users may not be candidates for dental implants, the healthiest tooth replacement option.

Oral cancer often starts as a spot or a sore that does not heal. A white or red patch, loose teeth, bleeding in your mouth, difficulty or pain when swallowing, a lump in your neck, improperly fitting dentures or a sudden inexplicable earache can all be symptoms of oral cancer. Our Northridge periodontist can perform a comprehensive oral exam to identify the source of your symptoms and create a treatment plan to help restore dental health. We can also provide you with information to help you learn more about kicking the habit and living a tobacco-free life. Give us a call today to learn more or to schedule your consultation.

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