Effect of Drinking Wine on Your Teeth

Effect of Drinking Wine on Your TeethMany individuals enjoy a glass of wine or two with dinner. Our Northridge teeth whitening expert states that most patients do not realize the negative effects that wine can have on their enamel. Enamel, a hard substance that protects teeth, can erode due to wine drinking. Certain types of wine appear to have more negative effects than others.

Enjoying wine on a regular basis can have harmful effects on an individual's teeth. In particular, white wine tends to have more negative impacts on teeth. High in acid, drinking wine can diminish important minerals like calcium. Our Northridge cosmetic dentist advocates that brushing after wine drinking can actually lead to increased dental damage. The acid from wine softens tooth enamel. Wait at least thirty minutes before brushing if you have been drinking wine to allow your saliva to neutralize acids.

A few sensible tips can diminish the impact of wine on teeth. Professionals recommend brushing teeth before dinner, and wearing lip-gloss with a petroleum base to enact a barrier between lips and acidic tannins. Eating cheese, brimming with calcium, can also lessen the effects.

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