Effects of Stress on Oral Health

Effects of Stress on Oral HealthStress can hurt the body in many ways, causing panic attacks, problems with anxiety and sleep, and general fatigue. But stress may also have an effect on your oral health, creating conditions that can hurt your teeth and gums. You may be surprised at the thought that stress can negatively influence oral health, but the conditions listed below are all influenced by stress.

1. Canker Sores: These painful sores in the mouth can be caused by an increased amount of stress. When canker sores exist, it is harder to keep teeth clean because of the mouth being in a tender condition.
2. Bruxism: Grinding of the teeth is a habit that people may have when they are under stress. A good portion of teeth grinding can happen at night while a person is sleeping. Bruxism may be responsible for cracking and chipping of teeth and the wearing down of teeth edges. This condition can also cause TMJ problems.
3. Dry Mouth: Stress can also create dry mouth in certain individuals. When there is a lack of saliva in the mouth, plaque particles will not be sufficiently rinsed away and will settle on the teeth.
4. Burning Mouth: The sensation of burning in various parts of the mouth can be influenced by stress.
5. Gum Disease: Stress over a long duration can weaken the immune system, leading to a higher risk of gum disease.

As you can see, stress can be harmful in many ways, including negatively influencing your oral health.

Source: Dentist Northridge

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