Facts you Need to Know about Gum Diseas

Facts you Need to Know about Gum DiseasFor up to 30% of the population, gum disease is a frightening reality. Our Northridge dentist is ready to work with you to prevent or eliminate gum disease by keeping you informed on the causes, symptoms, and treatments available for gum disease.

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, begins with bacteria. Many bacteria invade the tooth enamel, and if your teeth are weakened due to sugary foods, heredity, or age, these bacteria may progress to cause tooth loss and disease of the gums.

Loss of teeth leads to the necessity for other, more invasive procedures, such as dental implants. Losing teeth can cause other health problems, and many instances of tooth loss can be prevented by treating incipient gum disease.

Gum recession is another common problem experienced by those with gum disease. When gums recede from teeth, it becomes easier for bacteria to attack the soft tooth root, leading to more cavities, more root canals, and more tooth loss.

If your gums become too infected with gum disease-causing bacteria, you may require more invasive measures to treat gum disease, such as pocket reduction surgery. While necessary in advanced stages of gum disease, it is always better if the disease can be halted before surgery becomes necessary.

An earlier form of treatment for gum disease which is highly effective is scaling and root planing. This treatment involves a thorough cleaning of the teeth under the gum line, all the way to the tooth root. It is usually performed under anesthetic, and allows the dentist to clean areas of infection which are not accessible to daily oral hygiene.

If you have questions about gum disease, or the options for treating gum disease, talk to our Northridge cosmetic dentist as soon as possible. The earlier you begin treating gum disease, the better your results will be.

Source: Dentist Northridge

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