Fear of Dental Treatments in Women

Fear of Dental Treatments in WomenDental phobic patients often delay essential dental treatment due to their fear of dentists. Whether it is a phobia of dental instruments and treatment, or a phobia related to being anesthetized, many people share a fear of going to the dentist. A recent study by Sydney University indicates that women in their 40s are the most susceptible to dental phobias.

According to the study by Sydney University, those with dental phobias waited an average of 17 days to seek help for severe dental pain, as opposed to an average of three days for the general population. However, it is important that women as well as men with dental phobias seek attention as soon as possible for dental pain or other oral health problems. Waiting increases the risk that the patient will lose the tooth or will need a more invasive dental intervention, such as a root canal. In addition, many dental infections, such as a abscessed tooth or periodontal disease, are related to general health problems such as cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, and stroke.

If you are facing a dental phobia, your Northridge dentist can help. There are options for patients with dental phobias, such as sedation dentistry, that can make the visit much more pleasant and less anxiety-provoking. Our Northridge sedation dentistry specialist can provide you with nitrous oxide sedation or intravenous sedation. The option he chooses may depend on the procedure as well as your age and your general health. Call the Northridge Dental Group to find out more about your options.

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