Fighting Gum Disease

Fighting Gum DiseaseIf gum disease develops, it can cause damage to gum tissue and bone. It can also result in the loss of teeth. There are ways to fight gum disease, and the best way is to prevent it from starting.

Regularly brushing and flossing the teeth will remove plaque buildup. When plaque forms on the teeth, if it is not properly removed, it will cause gum inflammation, where the gums will be red and swollen and will bleed easily. This condition is known as gingivitis and will develop into periodontal disease if not treated. Once infection sets in, damage can occur, resulting in possible loss of teeth.

But with regular brushing and flossing, plaque will not have the opportunity to build up on the teeth. You should brush at least two times a day for two minutes each time. Flossing at least once every day will also be beneficial. Using fluoride toothpaste will help to strengthen your teeth, and you should also use mouthwash to rinse away particles of food.

Regular visits to your dentist are highly recommended for the health of your teeth and gums. You should see your dentist once or twice yearly for checkups and cleanings. Your dentist will have the skills and instruments needed to remove any plaque and tartar on your teeth that were not removed by brushing.

There are periodontal treatments that will clear up gum infections, but your best bet is to keep infections from occurring in the first place.

Source: Cosmetic Dentist Northridge

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