Foods That Can Cause Cavities

Foods That Can Cause CavitiesEating for good dental health is a lot like eating for good general health. Your diet should contain a balanced blend of nutrients from whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and lean protein. However, some foods are not only unhealthy for your smile, but they can even damage it.

1. Juice
Juice has long been considered a healthy alternative to energy drinks and soft drinks, but juice tends to be loaded with sugar and high in acid. This combination erodes enamel and can leave you more prone to cavities. Enjoy juice sparingly, or eat the fruit instead, which tends to be lower in sugar and high in fiber. Another alternative is to infuse water with your favorite fruit flavors by adding some melon balls, fresh berries or orange slices.

2. Snacks
Easy-to-grab candy, chips and similar snacks give you that midday energy boost you crave, but your favorite processed foods are not only feeding you, but also any oral bacteria that are lurking in your mouth. Oral bacteria produce acids after sharing your snack, and these acids remain active for up to 20 minutes after your treat. Instead of that chocolate bar, grab a cup of yogurt, string cheese or fresh vegetables that help keep your teeth and gums healthier.

3. Medications
Cough drops and liquid medications may not even seem like something you need to worry about, but these common medications can have as much sugar as candy. Use sugar-free versions whenever possible, and rinse or drink water after using these medications to reduce the acid levels in your mouth. Brush about half an hour after using lozenges or cough syrup.

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