Foods That Can Improve Your Oral Health

foods that can improve your oral healthYou were probably taught as a child that eating too many sweet treats was bad for your teeth. You may not have been taught that certain foods are actually really good for your teeth. Good brushing and flossing habits and regular checkups with our Northridge dentist are only a part of your smile’s health. The right diet can keep your teeth strong for many years.

1. Cheese
Dairy products are great sources of the calcium your bones and teeth need, but cheese contains lactic acid as well, which helps combat tooth decay and keeps your teeth whiter. Cheese can also neutralize oral acids for a pH similar to that of freshly brushed teeth.

2. Coffee
A favorite morning treat, coffee has gotten a bad reputation when it comes to teeth because it can stain. However, the Journal of Periodontology found that coffee can also be an excellent source of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory factors that reduce the risk of periodontal disease and bone loss.

3. Sugar-free candies and gums
Most sugar-free treats contain xylitol, a compound that combats unhealthy oral bacteria. When enjoyed in moderation, sugar-free candies and gums can reduce plaque and bacterial deposits on teeth. They can also stimulate saliva flow, which promotes remineralization and can help neutralize oral acids.

4. Wine
Red wine has long been associated with cardiovascular health, but a recent study also found that wine has an antimicrobial effect that can reduce oral bacteria and help keep your teeth healthier.

5. Black or green teas
Teas contain fluoride, which strengthens dental enamel, and polyphenols, which prevent plaque from sticking to teeth for a cleaner, healthier smile.

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