Foods that Help Prevent Cavities

Foods that Help Prevent CavitiesHaving good personal hygiene is more than simply brushing your teeth daily for 2 minutes. Learning all of the elements included in personal hygiene is essential for avoiding future dental problems. Brushing your teeth is important, but equally important is the type of foods that you eat.

Eating foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals can affect the quality of your teeth. Foods that contain calcium such as milk and cheese are helpful to build strong and healthy teeth. Healthy teeth reject the growth of bacteria that causes plaque and decrease the potential of tooth decay. Additional foods that contain calcium include spinach, fortified orange juice, salmon, beans, and the most surprising, almonds.

Vitamin D is commonly associated with milk and it works together with calcium to prevent cavities. For non-dairy eaters, there are options to consume sufficient amounts of Vitamin D in your diet. Eating fish, oats, broccoli, soymilk, tofu, and mushrooms can help create an alternative option to improving personal hygiene health. Along with brushing, these foods will help decrease the bacteria on teeth surfaces and the harmful acids that contribute to tooth decay or gum diseases.

Foods that produce the most potential for cavities are:

• Sugars
• Starches
• Carbohydrates

While these foods are essential for our body, they are harmful to our teeth. Sticky particles from these foods become lodged into tooth crevasses and accelerate the bacteria process. Limiting the intake of these harmful foods combined with proper brushing and cavity-reducing foods will help prevent cavity growth.

Source: Dentist Northridge

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