Foods You Can Eat to Keep Your Teeth White

Foods You Can Eat to Keep Your Teeth WhiteThe things you eat and drink can leave stains on your teeth that require professional bleaching to remove. However, your diet can also help you keep your smile whiter. The right foods and drinks can not only strengthen your teeth but also protect them from bacteria and prevent new stains.

1. Dark chocolate
While usually considered a treat, dark chocolate contains theobromine, which helps strengthen dental enamel so that stains are less able to penetrate through to the dentin.

2. Cheese
Whether you enjoy cheese with wine or on its own, cheese is a great choice for a brighter smile. Not only does it contain tooth-building calcium and vitamin D, but it also combats oral acidity, which can erode enamel and leave teeth looking dark and discolored.

3. Green Tea
Tea is often known for its staining properties, but green tea contains tannins, which cause bacteria to slip right off the teeth. It also contains fluoride and polyphenols, which combat bacteria and reduce oral acidity.

4. Strawberries
A favorite summer treat, strawberries contain an enzyme that bleaches stains from teeth. However, they can also be acidic, so rinse with water after eating.

5. Fibrous fruits and vegetables
Apples, pears, celery and similar fruits and vegetables stimulate saliva production and manually clean debris and stain-causing substances from teeth.

A healthy diet is one of the best ways to keep your smile both healthy and bright. We offer comprehensive dental care that includes teeth whitening so that your smile can always be at its best. Give us a call today to learn more or to schedule your next appointment with our cosmetic dentist in Northridge.

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