Four Harmful Dental Practices

Four Harmful Dental PracticesAre you doing everything you can to protect your dental health? Many of us have bad habits that can significantly affect our dental health.

1. Skipping checkups

Many people only visit our dentist when they feel pain or experience other bothersome symptoms. Regular dental checkups do far more than polish your teeth. They give us an opportunity to carefully exam your teeth and gums for signs of preventable conditions. By catching dental problems at their earliest stages, you can avoid more serious and more expensive dental treatments.

2. Ignoring other symptoms

Headaches, neck aches and shoulder pain can all be associated with dental problems. TMJ disorders can lead to widespread pain and discomfort. Talk to our dentist about your health history and any other problems you may be having so that we can get to the root of the problem and provide you with treatment options.

3. Missing teeth

Tooth loss is a common occurrence. Many people lose molars and never replace them because they are not marring their smiles. However, a missing tooth can seriously threaten the health of your remaining teeth. You may even suffer from premature facial aging due to a missing tooth. Our dentist offers a variety of tooth replacement options that can keep your whole mouth stronger, healthier and more attractive.

4. Not whitening

A whiter smile is more attractive and youthful. If you have been avoiding teeth whitening due to the potential risks, you should know that our dentist provides safe, healthy options. Unlike over-the-counter treatments, our whitening treatments are powerful, which means they take less time to produce results. Because our treatments are supervised closely by our dentist in Northridge, you can be confident that we will carefully monitor your health throughout the procedure.

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