Gum Recession

Gum RecessionWhen a tooth is in need of a crown or some other form of restoration, crown lengthening will be required. The edge of the dental restoration may be close to the bone or even below the bone. If it is too deep, it will not be accessible. There needs to be a new relationship between the gum and tooth to allow for proper cleaning and maintenance. Crown lengthening will make the proper adjustments between the levels of gum tissue and tooth. When the dentist is able to reach the edge of the restoration, this will allow for a proper fit on the tooth. There will also be enough tooth structure for the restoration to stay in place and not come loose sometime in the future. The patient will be able to properly clean the tooth when brushing and flossing, so that the chances of tooth decay and gum disease will be decreased.

Crown lengthening requires about one hour of time. When the procedure has been completed, sutures will be used to ensure a proper relationship between gum and tooth. The dentist will remove the sutures in one to two weeks. At that time, he will also evaluate the healing process. The patient's new crown will be ready in four to six weeks.

If your teeth are more sensitive than usual, and you can see their roots, you may be suffering from receding gums. Make an appointment with your Northridge dentist as soon as possible.

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