Gummy Smile Reduction

Gummy Smile Reduction

Gummy Smile Reduction

You may be a candidate for a gummy smile reduction if you are unhappy with the look of your gummy smile. A gummy smile has a high gum-to-tooth ratio, which causes an excess amount of gum tissue to cover the crown of the tooth. Our Northridge gummy smile reduction expert can recommend targeted treatments that focus on the underlying issue for lasting, attractive results.

If you are a candidate for a gummy smile reduction, our expert in gummy smile reduction in Northridge may recommend one or several treatments, including:

• Orthodontic treatment
• Gum contouring
• Lip lowering
• Crown lengthening
• Gum lift
• Jaw surgery

Most surgical procedures are performed on an outpatient basis. You will be given a local anesthetic that numbs the gum tissues although a general anesthetic may be used in some cases depending on the type of procedure and the extent of the treatment. Dental sedation is also available and may be appropriate for more complex dental treatments or for patients who suffer from dental anxiety.

Gummy Smile Reduction Northridge

After your treatment, our Northridge gummy smile reduction expert will explain the proper aftercare. You may need to eat a soft diet for a few days. Take pain medication or antibiotics exactly as prescribed. An ice pack can help relieve discomfort and swelling. Good dental hygiene is important, but for the first few days, you may need to be especially careful when brushing and flossing around the gum line to avoid disrupting the healing tissues. Do not smoke for the first week or two after surgery. Smoking can reduce blood flow to the healing tissues and may increase the risk of complications.

Most patients recover quickly and can continue with other cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening or porcelain veneers if they desire. Our expert in gummy smile reduction in Northridge will help you decide on the procedures that will complement your new look.

Extra gum tissue is not usually a dental health issue, but it can change the way you feel about your smile and affect your self-confidence. We offer a variety of treatments to improve and transform your smile. Call us to make your appointment with our cosmetic dentist in Northridge.

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