Habits Than Can be Damaging to Your Teeth

habits that can be damaging to your teethDid you know that some of your healthiest habits might not be so healthy for your teeth? Good dental health requires not only good dental hygiene but also healthy lifestyle habits. However, not all healthy lifestyle choices are equally healthy for your teeth. Here are some ways you could be doing more harm than good when it comes to your smile.

1. Drinking juice and smoothies
Fruit is an excellent source of fiber and nutrients, but juice and smoothies concentrate the sugars and acids in fruit, which can feed not only your body but also your oral bacteria, resulting in plaque deposits and enamel erosion. If you absolutely must have juice or a smoothie, use a straw to allow the liquid to bypass the teeth, and rinse well with water when you are done to dilute the acid.

2. Drinking wine daily
Moderate wine use has been associated with cardiovascular health and is believed to have anti-aging properties. However, wine is acidic, which means that it can be erosive to your teeth, and can stain them as well. Use a wine straw to minimize contact between your wine and your teeth, and swish with water to dilute the acids immediately after drinking to help your enamel stay strong.

3. Brushing immediately after a meal
The American Dental Association recommends brushing twice a day, but you need to wait about half an hour after a meal before you brush. That is because your mouth can become more acidic when you eat, and the high levels of acid can soften your enamel, making them more susceptible to damage from the toothbrush bristles. Waiting half an hour gives the enamel a chance to remineralize before you brush them.

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