Heaving Drinking Linked to Oral Cancer

Heaving Drinking Linked to Oral CancerCancer is a serious and often life-threatening condition that has been diagnosed in millions of patients. One of the most commonly diagnosed forms of cancer, oral cancer, is often caught in its latest stages and can be devastating. This is why our Northridge dentist believes that everyone should understand this type of cancer, how a specialist can help with an early diagnosis, and shocking new studies that show increased links between oral cancers and the heavy drinking of alcohol.

Oral cancer is a catchall term that can be used for any cancer that is found on the lips, in the throat, or on any of the other tissue within the mouth. It is often associated with both genetics and the regular use of tobacco products, including chewing and smokeless tobacco. Recent studies now show that those who drink heavily are also at a much higher risk of being diagnosed with cancer, especially when done in conjunction with regular tobacco use.

The most effective way for patients to catch and treat this type of cancer is by making frequent trips to an experienced dentist for a thorough dental exam. During these checkups, our dentist will be able to check your mouth for any abnormalities, such as lesions or tumors, which could be a precursor to cancer.

If you have recently noticed any abnormalities within your mouth, have not recently had a dental checkup, or frequently smoke and drink, call our dental office today. We can provide a full range of quick and painless services to ensure a lifetime of good health.

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