HIV Patients and Dental Treatments

HIV Patients and Dental TreatmentsHIV patients will require special care when they are in need of dental treatments. Because their immune system is affected by their disease, there are a number of dental disturbances that can plague them, such as dental cavities, thrush, Leukoplakia, tumors, canker sores and herpes simplex.

An individual with HIV should see the dentist every six months. The dentist should be well versed in the needs of an HIV patient and how to address them during dental procedures. The patient should always practice good oral hygiene habits with twice a day brushing and flossing at least once a day. Fluoride toothpaste should be used.

Antibiotics may be needed to treat certain types of bacteria that form in the mouth. With an HIV patient, there is an increased risk of sensitivity to the medication. The patient's condition must be closely monitored to ensure that a resistance to the antibiotic does not arise. The dentist also needs to watch for any allergic reactions.

Bleeding can occur more easily with HIV patients due to anemia, which must be kept in mind when dental surgeries are performed, especially if injections of anesthetics are needed. For this reason, local injections will be used more frequently.

Proper sterilization of instruments must be adhered to at all times, especially with HIV patients. Staff members should always wear protective clothing, including gloves and masks.

Our Northridge dentist is skilled in working with individuals who have HIV and will be able to provide the proper treatment at all times.

Source: Cosmetic Dentist Northridge

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