How Alcohol Affects Teeth

How Alcohol Affects TeethA glass of wine can be a nice accompaniment to virtually any meal, but certain alcoholic beverages may be damaging your teeth. Dental erosion is most commonly associated with high soft drink or energy drink consumption, but alcohol can also lead to dental erosion. This is because alcohol is dehydrating. The saliva in your mouth helps remineralize teeth, so when the mouth becomes dry, teeth may be more prone to decay and erosion.


Although any alcohol can cause dehydration and erosion, certain concoctions put your teeth at a much higher risk. Alcohol that is mixed with soft drinks, energy drinks or acidic fruit juices are all more likely to damage your enamel.


Another factor that connects poor dental health with alcohol is poor dental hygiene. Keeping your teeth clean can be one of the biggest factors in good dental health, but a recent survey of 18 to 29 year olds revealed that most of them did not brush their teeth after spending a night out drinking.


A few simple steps can help you keep your teeth strong and healthy without having to give up alcohol entirely. Avoid binge drinking, which can lead to vomiting and further damage to teeth. Use soda as a mixer instead of soft drinks or energy drinks. Drink water in between alcoholic beverages since water can help you stay hydrated and dilute the acids in your drinks, and chew sugarless gum, which further stimulates saliva flow. Once you get home, take a few minutes to brush and floss your teeth carefully. Contact our Northridge dentist today to learn more or to schedule your appointment.


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