How Bad Gums Affect You

How Bad Gums Affect You

Too many people isolate their oral health from their general health. This is easy when so many dental risks remain asymptomatic, or at least do not bring pain. But the connections between oral health and systemic health are multiple and far-reaching. Check out the following medical conditions, and the rate at which their risk is increased by gum disease:


• Heart disease: 72-168 percent
• Stroke: 300 percent
• Oral cancer: 400 percent
• Preterm birth: 700 percent


People with gum disease are also at elevated risk for diabetes, arthritis, and pneumonia. And gum disease causes 90 percent of tooth loss. If you’re thinking about skipping your next dental exam, think again.


Symptoms of gum disease include puffiness or swelling, bleeding while brushing or flossing, and, in more severe cases, deep pockets and loose teeth. The good news is that you can reverse gum disease in its early phases. Attentive brushing and flossing, combined with dental-grade mouthwash and home remedies like oil pulling or brushing with turmeric powder, can reduce inflammation and limit bacterial spread. But this program tends to work only if you follow a schedule.


You can limit the introduction of toxins to your mouth, and balance your immune system at the same time, by watching your diet and keeping your lifestyle as stress-free as possible. A diet rich in minerals and quality fats is essential. Avoid smoking, obviously.


Remember the following logic: your mouth is a gateway to the rest of you. A healthy mouth could add healthy years to your life. Contact our periodontist today.

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