How Dental Implants Work

How Dental Implants Work

A gap in the smile can occur in many ways. We see patients who have lost teeth because they have fallen face-first, been in a car accident, or simply ate something too hard. Some teeth we have to remove by extraction if they are significantly damaged and cannot be repaired. It is always best to keep the teeth strong by brushing, flossing, and getting a professional cleaning as often as advised. If a tooth does need to be replaced, dental implants are the patient and expert preferred method of doing so.

Dental implants consist of three parts: the post, the abutment, and the cap. The post is shaped like a screw and made out of titanium. This is because titanium is the only material we have found that can integrate with bone without causing infection. It is inserted into the jaw bone, where it will heal and fuse with the tissue for several months. Our dentist will cap it with a temporary crown, so your smile can be full during this period. Once it has done so, you can return to our office where we will complete it with an abutment and permanent cap. This cap is usually a dental crown made of porcelain or composite resin. You can then enjoy your newly restored smile.

Dental implants are preferred by many because they can reverse the effects of losing a tooth or teeth. A gap in the smile can cause the adjacent teeth to shift into the space, followed by the other teeth in the arch. This causes more dental problems requiring orthodontic treatment to fix. The jaw bone is also affected when even just one tooth is missing. Chewing when we eat sends simulation through our teeth to the jaw. When the bone below the missing tooth or teeth is not stimulated, it begins to resorb, or diminish. If left this way for too long, it can start to affect the facial structure. Using dental implants as replacements not only stops the jaw bone from resorbing, but also reverses the effects of tooth loss.

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