How Dental Sedation Can Help

How Dental Sedation Can Help

Many who require dental work are hesitant to visit their dentist for fear of pain or discomfort. This is a problem, as many refuse to schedule appointments, and thus ignore their dental health, likely causing serious issues. Many would even endure the pain of a toothache or similar problem than find themselves in a dentist’s chair. Fortunately, there is an option for those with dental phobia that will allow them to experience a calm, pain-free appointment.

Dental sedation uses medication to help patients relax. It is often called “sleep dentistry”, though it doesn’t always induce sleep. There are several levels or dental sedation.

• Minimal, wherein patients are awake, but relaxed
• Moderate sedation, which causes patients to not remember much of what happens while it is in effect.
• Deep sedation, which leaves the recipient at the edge of consciousness.
• And general anesthesia, wherein patients are left completely unconscious.

Many rely on the use of sedation while completing dental work even as routine as a cleaning. This allows dentists to complete their tasks more efficiently, as patients are less fidgety and talkative. Lower levels of sedation even leaves patients aware enough to answer any time sensitive questions during treatment. Appropriate cases for sedation include those who have a low pain threshold, are unable to sit still in the chair, have an intense gag reflex, and/or have very sensitive teeth.

If you think you would be a good candidate and would like to know more information, visit a sedation dentist in Northridge for your next appointment.

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