How e-Cigarettes Affect the Teeth

How e Cigarettes Affect the Teeth

As a trend, e-cigarettes built slowly over the last decade as more traditional smokers became interested in quitting and the “vaping” process became more normalized. As a health concern, e-cigarettes remain enigmatic. They may not cause cancer. But are they bad for your teeth?


In principle, e-cigarettes are much better for your oral health, or at least your oral hygiene, than traditional cigarettes. They don’t contain the 70 known carcinogens found in traditional cigarettes, and their nicotine standard is not always high since those smokers serious about quitting use vapes as a gateway. Because of these self-regulating qualities, e-cigarettes are not under the jurisdiction of the Center for Tobacco Products.


However, upcoming litigation may force e-cigarette manufacturers to comply with the same standards as Big Tobacco. This is because no organizing body has yet found any conclusive evidence that e-cigarettes, with their aping of the oral fixation and arbitrary dosages of nicotine, are actually a defensible smoking cure.


Ask your dentist about the harm e-cigarettes can do to your teeth. Vaping slows saliva output, and there is evidence that the resulting mouth dryness can reach tooth-decay levels.


Assuming you keep your nicotine levels low, your teeth will not be at risk of smoking stains. More good news is that by definition, e-cigarettes have none of the residue-leaving ingredients, like carbon monoxide or ammonia, traditional cigarettes have always attacked teeth with.

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