Importance of Brushing Your Tongue

Importance of Brushing Your TongueBrushing your teeth is essential for good dental health. However, brushing your tongue is also important. While it is true that your tongue does not suffer from tooth decay or gum disease, it can accumulate the bacteria that contribute to both of these conditions.

Your tongue has the perfect surface and the perfect environment for these bacteria to thrive. As they reproduce, the bacteria can cause bad breath and migrate to the teeth and gums where they can contribute to the onset of cavities and periodontal disease. While you cannot rid your mouth of all dangerous bacteria, you can significantly reduce them and prevent them from causing permanent damage to your teeth or gums. Keeping plaque and bacteria off your teeth is as simple as brushing after meals and flossing every day.

Cutting down on the number of bacteria on your tongue requires regular tongue cleaning. After brushing your teeth, brush along the entire length of your tongue before rinsing your whole mouth and your toothbrush. You can also use a tongue scraper, which is designed similar to a squeegee, to clean your tongue. Start at the back of the tongue, and then scrape forward before rinsing your mouth and your scraper for the best results.

An antimicrobial or fluoride mouthwash can eliminate even more dental disease-causing bacteria and promote whole mouth health. Look for one that has no dyes that could deposit stains on your teeth. Contact our dentist in Northridge today to learn more or to schedule your next dental checkup.

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