Importance of Dental Health for Your Heart

Importance of Dental Health for Your HeartMore studies than ever have connected the state of one’s teeth and gums to their overall health and wellbeing.  These studies show that there are a number of serious ailments that take place throughout the body that may be an indicator of issues ranging from heart disease to diabetes.  Here is a look at some of this shocking research and the importance of receiving comprehensive checkups from our Northridge dentist as often as possible.

While these studies are not conclusive, they are beginning to link the formation of certain bacteria in the mouth to heart disease.  Heart disease is currently the number one cause for death in patients of all ages in the United States.  What these researchers believe is that these bacteria will begin to enter the blood stream and result in blood clots and other serious health conditions.

In order to reduce one’s chances of this taking place, the first step is to brush and floss the teeth multiple times a day to remove bacteria-causing plaque and tartar.  All patients should also schedule biannual checkups with our Northridge periodontal treatments specialist to remove the harmful bacteria that continues to linger in one’s mouth.

Protecting your heart is only the beginning when it comes to some of the amazing treatments that we are ready to offer our patients.  Our team of dental specialists has trained for years in order to help all patients rebuild their smile from the ground up, so give us a call today to setup your next comprehensive dental exam.

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